The Lookbook

Forget the Met, we like our art right where we can see it. Get our seasonal nail art looks painted at our shop or have them delivered right to your door with our easy application nail wraps.

House of Mod

Inspired by lady leaders from the 60s, this collection features strikingly bold colors and gorgeous patterns that will make you marvel at your own nails. 

Not So Hidden Figures

Genius has no race. Strength has no gender. Fabulous has no color. This solid, bright aqua is pushing its way to the top of our favorites and no one is mad about it. Similarly to how Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson made their way to the top at NASA during the Space Race. We stan.

Odetta's Voice

The soft strokes of baby pink are smooth as butter, or better yet, smooth as Odetta Holmes’ songs. Odetta was the voice of the Civil Rights Movement and this nail wrap is the voice of your fingertips!

A Bunny's Tale

Be an undercover Playboy Bunny with this Gloria Steinman inspired wrap. With a touch of baby pink and a fiery finish, you can hit every note that is Femme Fatale. You don’t work for them, they work for YOU, baby!

The Feminine Mystique

Complex, chaotic, yet extremely easy on the eyes. This palette of deep, rich colors works harmoniously together. Betty Friedan was able to put millions of women’s feelings into words during the 60s feminist movement, and PaintBucket was able to put millions of splish splashes onto your nailbeds. 

The Holloway

This Joan Holloway inspired wrap is for the taste makers. A dusted coral bed with a soft lemongrass scribble reminds you, every time you look down at your nails, that you don’t need perfect lines for absolute perfection. 

Cosmo CEO

Be bold. Be badass. Be… Helen Gurley Brown. This Helen-inspired wrap was born to embody the self-made, supremely ambitious, and painstakingly fabulous person under the nail wrap. It’s subtle, yet chaotic. It’s sexy, yet messy. It’s… your new favorite accent pattern?

Only Shooting Stars

Channel your solar plexus with this bright, glittery, god-tier glamour. Radiate confidence and motivate yourself to be nothing short of great. It all starts with a nice manicure.


With electric bubblegum energy, dreamy rosé lightning bolts and rock candy kisses, what's not to L-O-V-E?

Electric Rosé

Ring ring! Get the perfect mani at home with the Electric Rosé nail wrap kit. Speed dial your self care routine with this rosy pattern carbonated with crisp lightning bolt details. So you can fill in your girl gang on the latest hot goss. 

Pop Roxx

Big! Pastel! Energy! Sugar rush into self care with this effortlessly luxe, confectionery number.

Pucker Power

Let your nails make a statement with this conversation-starter: these candy lips were made for talking, and that’s just what they’ll do. 

Candy Necklace

Inspired by the OG smiley emoji, the Candy Necklace nail wrap kit is our fav kind of happy go lucky throwback. With pastel polka dot happy faces, it’s easy to spread the posi vibes!

Fun Dip

Zap into this white-hot nail wrap topped with electric technicolor sprinkles, ready for any adrenaline rush or a recharging night in.


A collection of clear and sheer based nail wraps, meticulously accented with thoughtfully weighted white lines. 


Traffic jams are messy but the lines on our mani shouldn’t be. The Gridlock mani is a minimalistic design with a clear base and delicate thin, white lines that might cause you to stop in your tracks.

The Map

Coordinates? How do you use those? A pre-Google Maps inspired mani that highlights the beauty of latitude and longitude, laid over a baby blue sea.

Off The Grid

A mani designed with a gorgeous sheer blush base and lightly weighted white lines that will leave you feeling like you’ve just wandered off to a luscious escape. 

Power Grid

A design that commands attention in a down to earth type of way. Created with gorgeous white lines, meticulously measured against a gorgeous deep green hue, this mani subtly exudes all things “supreme-being”.

Once in a Pastel Moon

This season, we're thankful for the simple and elegant things – like moon swoops and creamy pastels.

Crescent Blush

The only thing better than a sleek nude, is a sleek blush. With a hint of white at the base of the nail, this design is what a french manicure’s dreams are made of.

Lunar Glow

Featuring a buttery yellow hue, this 1920s inspired design naturally elongates the nail.  Cozy on up with a sidecar and let these half moons perfectly compliment your favorite chunky sweater. 

Love Has Many Faces

Designed by Breana Johnson, this collection celebrates the exquisite and diverse facial features of women from around the globe, while giving back to local communities in NYC.

Learn more about the inspiration behind the collection here.

The Vera

The simple black details on sleek neutrals elongates the nail and alludes to your appreciation for the softer things in life. Named after Breana’s late mother, Vera, this design puts an artistic twist on an always classic.

The Breana

Named after the artist behind this collection, The Breana mani makes a modern statement with black swirls and abstracted facial features. Warning: you may find yourself gazing at the intricate artistry of your nails throughout the day.

The Garnett

Garnett, blurs nature with feminine mystique. The Garnett is named after Garnett Phillip, a loyal Paintbucket babe since day 1. This glossy pale nude is already clocked as trending for summer into fall, and the delicate black and white details take it to another level.

Oh my gaudi

Say “bon dia” to designs inspired by Barcelona’s most iconic architecture.

Casa Milà

Turn heads with this iconic look inspired by one of Antoni Gaudí's most innovative pieces of work.

Casa Batlló

A mani inspired by a true masterpiece. The Casa Batlló will have you feeling like your strutting down the Passeig de Gràcia in the heart of Barcelona.

Get these looks at home in just minutes.