Feminine Mystique Nail Wrap Kit


Complex, chaotic, yet extremely easy on the eyes. This palette of deep, rich colors works harmoniously together. Betty Friedan was able to put millions of women’s feelings into words during the 60s feminist movement, and we're able to put millions of splish splashes onto your nailbeds.

Collection: House of Mod
The Feminine Mystique Nail Wrap Mani

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Easy Application

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Product Details

What is it:
At home nail wrap kit

Each mani kit contains:
  • 1 mani sheet with 20 100% polish nail wraps
  • 1 nail file
  • 1 orange woodstick

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How to Apply

1. Remove clear cover & clean nails with alcohol or polish remover. 2. Align your nail with the wrap size that matches best. 3. Peel nail wrap off. 4. Apply to nail & gently stretch to fit 5. Gently file off excess on the edge of nail. 6. Apply top coat.

To remove, simply apply nail polish remover or oil with a cotton swab

Lots of love

Customer Reviews

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The best at-home mani experience

I can't get over how easy these are to apply! They lasted a week for me. My go-to option when I can't get to the salon!