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Paintbucket Glimmer

A luxury pedicure system that’s jam packed with super ingredients, leaving skin looking slimmer, brighter, refreshed and sparkling.

The Gold Pedi – $75

Gold Pedi

The Unicorn Pedi – $75

Unicorn Pedi

Paintbucket Air

A complete pedicure system that utilizes micro-site bubbles to deliver oxygen to skin for a smoother and more supple look.

Paintbucket Air Pedi

The Cafe Macchiato Pedi – $75

A powerful antioxidant pedi that uses coffee + natural oils to tighten, soothe, and brighten skin.

The Mint Mimosa Pedi – $75

A mint, citrus + sugarcane pedi that boosts skin health while helping to cure infections and reduce irritation

The Raspberry Sorbet Pedi – $75

A raspberry + flower infused pedi that works like magic on wrinkles while reducing age spots and discoloration.