Press Ons


We reimagined DIY nail care so that babes across the country could have access to our obsessed-about art while at home. Now, with PB Press Ons, you can add length to your nail art mani in minutes!

How to apply

Step 1
Clean & Clear

Wash hands with soap and water to remove dirt and oil.

PB Pro Tips
  • Wipe your nails with alcohol or acetone for extra staying power.
  • More oil means less staying power.
  • Avoid lotions prior to your pamper.

Step 2
Size & Organize

Size PB Press Ons by holding each tip over your natural nail and selecting the size that fits best without touching surrounding skin.

PB Pro Tips
  • Can’t find the perfect match? Size up and file down the sides of the nail until it lays on top of your nail bed perfectly.
  • Make sure the press on is not touching the skin or it will lift sooner than expected.
  • Align your tips in order from left to right so you can easily remember which tip goes on which nail.

Step 3
Prep & Press

GLUE Stickers

Using Glue

Apply glue to your natural nail and the back of your PB Press Ons. Align PB Press Ons just below your cuticle and apply at a downward angle to avoid air bubbles. Press down firmly and hold for about 30 seconds.

PB Pro Tips
  • If glue begins to touch the skin, remove asap and start over.
  • For extra staying power, apply a small amount of glue underneath each press on, once it is adhered to the natural nail.

Using Stickers

Size and place adhesive on natural nail and remove top layer to expose sticky surface. Apply press on at a downward angle and hold for 30 seconds.

PB Pro Tips
  • When adhering press on to sticker, apply pressure for 10-20 seconds per nail.
  • This method is for a mani that lasts about 1-2 days.

Step 4
Smooth & Perfect

Once all nails are applied, use file to smooth and achieve your desired shape.

PB Pro Tips
  • Taking a few extra minutes to smooth and shape your press ons with a file will make a big difference in how natural they look.
How to Remove

Removing PB Press ons

If you are re-using press ons: Soak nails in warm water for 10 minutes, glue will loosen. Use cuticle stick to gently peel up PB Press Ons. Don't force it - soak a bit longer if they aren't coming up right away!
If you are not re-using press ons: Soak nails in acetone for 5-10 minutes. Use cuticle stick to remove PB Press Ons.

Have ‘em wrapped around your finger in minutes.

Why we love Press Ons

10-14 days of wear.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Kindness is never wasted.
Extra layer of UV Gel to Protect Design from fading.
Instantly elongates your nails.


We've partnered with our favorite influencers to create exclusive press on designs you'll love.

Press Ons FAQ

Our press ons last anywhere from 10-14 days depending on how much glue is applied and your level of daily activity involving your hands.

You can select your press on size by placing the full sheet of press ons over your nails (with the curved end up towards your cuticle). The right fit will cover your natural nail but will not touch your skin. We suggest using a press on slightly smaller than your nail, then gently stretching it so that it lies completely flat on your nail with no air bubbles or lifting.

If some nail press ons don't fit your nails perfectly, you should size down and then gently stretch the press on to perfectly fit your nail. We recommend using a press on that is slightly smaller than your nail to avoid the press on touching skin or cuticles. Using a press on that is too large and ultimately touches your skin, will cause lifting at the edges.

Yes, our nail press ons are SGS and MSDS certified. If you have any allergic reactions to nail polishes do not use this product. Our press ons are safe to use if pregnant and are 7 chemical-free.

No animal testing has been performed on our press ons. Our press ons are also leaping bunny certified.

Our press ons can be easily removed with nail polish remover or oil.

We do not currently ship to Canada or internationally.

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