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Are you an 80s babe, devastated at the lack of fully permed hair, teased to  perfection? Or are you a 90s chick praying that the side part doesn’t fade and we can keep our high waisted jeans? We get it. As much as we’d love styles to stick… well, they change just as fast as the Uber confirms and cancels your ride. So, we propose these funky French manis to suit your perfect style – whenever, wherever. 

The key to any girl’s happiness: fresh nails, florals and... pie. Over at Paintbucket, the fruit and dessert combo has been a crowd fave. Our founder Kristin Pulaski shares “so many of our customers have been bringing in photos of different looks that our artists are mixing and matching.” A pop of color. A hint of flavor. An irresistible twist. Just in time for that summer BBQ turned am brunch.

Yellowcard once screamed through our Walkman’s – “Let your waves crash down on me and take me away.” We might be based in BK, but we know our summer beach faves and this mani, is one of them. We get it. The sunscreen, the sand, the salt water. It's magical. Freeing. The perfect summer vibe. But who says the vibes end when you leave the beach? Or, ever.

Move over Derek Shepherd, we have a new McDreamy in town. Better yet – you can still be the sun. This lunar detail totally eclipses any average French all while keeping it classic and simple. Outdoor wedding? Yes. First date? Hell yes. Day at the office? Check that off too. This nail art just works. No matter the occasion. 

The only constant is change. So try it out – we promise you’ll never go back to your old tips again. Head over to PB’s Instagram to watch a live tutorial by our true North star Sonam, @nails.bysh to try at home.

Classic, bougie, timeless. Don’t get us wrong – we love spunk and funk just as much as the next girl. But there is something to say about the OG- French mani. This look, inspired by @mannacured takes the beauty of the simple and doubles it all… the French tip, the adoring questions, the envious glances. 

With a The GelBottle Inc base of Marshmallow, you can achieve this look by heading over to Paintbucket’s Instagram for a step-by-step.

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?! We’re with Ariel on this one. This sea-inspired French has what we like to call total drip. With an ombre fade to match the flow of the ocean, our mermaid French is nothing short of loud and bright. And, it encompasses all that our favorite little mermaid was trying to have – voice, flare and any human man’s eye.

Britney’s She’s So Lucky meets Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Now that’s a collab we never saw coming, but needed. Bad. Our cotton candy French is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 

If nails were a decade, these would be that’s so 70s. Our flower power French tip embodies all it means to be free, flowing and flirty. Yes, ladies – all of those at once.

New. York. City. In a mani. Color, life and diversity. This mani lets you be 5 people at once. Welcome to the concrete jungle, friends.


by Catherine Johnson