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Fruity details are in and we are doing a full lean into this one. The subtle charm and sweetness atop our already perfect French base? Well… now we get this whole “pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top!” So, go grab your bowl of ice cream, and try this one at home:

Make sure to grab a base and top coat, dotter toolclean up brush, and striping brush for stems.

Apply base coat in one thin layer, let dry for 2 minutes

Apply two coats of Essie Skinny Dip, allow 2 minutes between each coat for drying time

To create your french tip, grab your white polish

Start at the edge of your nail and slowly rotate the brush across the tip of your nail, rotating your finger as you go

Clean up your line with a clean up brush with a dab of alcohol

Dip your dotting tool in a little bit of Essie's "Really Red" polish and place two side by side red dots on your nail

With your striping brush take Essie's "But First, Candy" and paint two straight lines connecting your red dots (like an upside down "V")

In the same green shade make a small dash at the end of your stem with your striping brush to add a little leaf

Lastly, take a bit of Essie "Blanc" on your striping brush, to add a little reflection on the edge of each red dot!

Allow 5 minutes to dry and apply top coat to finish

by Catherine Johnson