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Simply put, neutrals hues are timeless. They can be worn monochromatically or mixed together to add depth to any outfit or interior space. When paired just right, they can bring out the most swoon-worthy undertones while simultaneously complimenting different style types. Whether your personal style leans more edgy or more soft and delicate, neutrals can be styled and worn to gorgeously accent any look.
Our Send Nudes Nail Wrap Collection is a mixture of neutral manicures that can be worn solo or mixed together, based on your personal style or skin-tone. Each manicure in this collection was inspired by the wide spectrum of styles that neutrals speak to. Let's take a look:

The Heartbreaker Mood Board  

 With The Heartbreaker Mani, you'll turn heads due to its edgy, ruddy shade. We recommend pairing this mani with a vegan leather jumpsuit, white sneakers, cat framed sunglasses, a brown shade of lipgloss and a chic shoulder bag to achieve that "far from average" look. 

The Darling Mood Board

The Darling Mani
highlights the warmth in any complexion in an "I woke up like this" type of way. Pair a nude blazer with creamy beige high-wasted pants for a professional yet chic look. To play it up even more, throw on a baby pink blouse underneath your blazer, add nude heels and finish it off with a few vintage pieces of jewelry. 

High wasted pants: $39.90

The Not Your Baby Mood Board

The Not Your Baby Mani is inky & seductive. It's made for the babe with a mind of her own. Pair a velvet slip dress with Doc Martens and top your look off with a leather jacket to achieve this bad-ass look. 

The Honey Mood Board


The Honey Mani is the perfect blend of creams and beiges with the slightest touch of peach. Wear any loungewear set for a cute but cozy look. To accessorize add a gold chain necklace, a few rings and a pearl hair clip to top it off. Cozy nights, warm blankets and a glass of crisp white wine are the vibes. 

Wide Leg Pant: $110.00

The Ombré Mood Board

 Who doesn't love a chic ombré mani? To achieve a look with all neutral colors, start with a plain white button up and light pink pants. To give it more of a funky look add a corset top to layer on top of your button up and finish off with tan boots. A tan puffer or leather jacket seals in the entire look. For the babe that's eclectic in her choices, but sort of subtle with it. 

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