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It’s the most…crazy, busy, hectic time of the year! We totally get it. In and out of stores. On and off lines. Running yourself ragged to find the perfect gift for your bestie, beau or MIL. It’s only natural, as the holiday season is often viewed as the time of giving. But, as we focus all our energy and time looking for others, we sometimes forget about little old me. The woman behind the meticulous wrapping, holiday planning, cookie baking and detailed organizing. Do you recognize her? Don’t forget about her. She matters, too.

So, the next time you’re holiday shopping and think to yourself… “Oh this would be perfect…….for me” (we’ve all been there) Don’t quiet that voice. Don’t ignore her. Treat yourself. Do it. Get yourself the gift you want if it brings a little bit of joy to your life. Because after all, the holiday season is one of joy. So, keep on spreading it how you always have, but remember to take and make some for yourself, too. Here is our guide not just on the perfect gift for others…but on how to take care of you this holiday season.
1. Le Labo Candle Set
A company that prides themselves on the craftsmanship and authenticity of fragrance, based in various locations throughout NYC. Obviously, right up our alley (or down one). They handcraft their scents to be soulful and original… and best of all they don’t test on animals, but do test on New Yorkers (we tend to be more resilient and more honest) – so head over to one of their stores or visit their website and get this set of versatile candles. Gift two, and save one for yourself…then draw the bubble bath, inhale the aroma and let your stressors wash away. Don’t worry, your secret it safe with us.
2. Hand Hydration

With the dry air and excessive gift wrapping, our nails and hands sure do take a beating this time of year. It’s beyond crucial to keep our hands washed and hydrated… both your skin and nails rely on the moisture and exfoliation of dead skin to not only look great all season, but to feel good too. The Resurrection Duet is an ideal kit to put out in your guest bathroom, or your en suite to take care of both your visitors and you. Or, if you’re not hosting this year, grab the Diptyque Travel Hand Care set – which comes with a rinse-free wash for on-the-go, a velvet lotion and a soft wash, too.  

3. Perfect Nail Combos

Nail items are always an easy and great go-to for stocking stuffers and thoughtful little gifts for your closest ladies. But if we know anything about nails, and we do (obv.) a true perfect mani requires the perfect combination. Grab our personal favorite, Dior cuticle oil to replenish and hydrate the dryness of your nails beds. It will set your mani up for success. Two of our favorites right now are the  J. Hannah polish sets or Static Nails Press Ons  – both perfect as gifts or to have at-home for a last minute party or event.

4. Gold Ring Sets

Subtle and simple, grab some stackable sets or interchangeable piece from two of our favorites: Mejuri and Cat Bird. Mejuri’s pieces are ethically sourced and hand crafted, making each one unique and yet, universal. They have locations in all the hotspots: NYC, Austin, LA, Boston and San Fran – but if you’re not local, their online website can make you get lost just the same as if you were in their store. Beautiful design after beautiful design makes them one of our top companies for gift giving – both to others and ourselves.

Cat Bird is another, more local, fan-favorite. Established in 2004 right here in BK, we love how they approach their designs. Their gift guide is flawless and helps get you the perfect gift, whether it be for you and your sis, for your love or just a charm to add to a piece that you already have – they have endless options, all handcrafted. Our personal favorites right now are the Threadbare and Sweet Nothing gold rings. 10/10 recommend you BOGO…for someone on your list and yourself.

5. Casely Phone Cases

Casely is a company that started off as the first phone-case subscription program. With their immense array of designs and styles, their small BK business took off, and fast. As they grew, they remembered their roots and always give back to those who need it. They have patterns, colors and styles for days and for everything you could need: iPhones, Samsungs, airPods, charging cases. They literally have you covered incase you need them. And right now, they’re having a stellar BOGO sale, so check them out. And, if you haven’t caught onto the theme yet, make sure one of those new cases ends up in your stocking.

6. PB Holiday Nail Wraps

Whether you’re home for the holidays or on the road, nails wraps are the best way to have holiday-ready nails. This season, our designs are hitting all the marks. Our Rockette design embraces the muted colors of Christmas, tied together with a bow. Windows on Fifth blends a deep emerald green with subtle white, topped with gold trees, snowflakes and holiday art. The Winter Village designs truly are the most versatile and will be good all winter long, with a white base and sparkly gold stars. And our Rockefeller set really did hit the jackpot of holiday art: a nude base brings out the intricate holly detail and gold specks, making it perfect for Christmas din. Grab your favorite at paintbucketnails, or snag the bundle and keep your favorite and use the others as stocking stuffers for the rest of the gang. 

The holidays are always busy and we often do forget about self-care in the midst of it. But this year, make it a goal to balance: self care and gift wrapping. Give yourself a night off, pamper your nails, hydrate your hands, light the Le Labo candle and get lost in a sea of bubbles with a glass of wine, or hot cocoa (it is Christmas after all). Basically, girl – relax, unwind and treat yourself, too. It will make the holiday season that much more magical.
By: Catherine Johnson