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There is nothing better than a great meal with some great company. But the secret trifecta is where it’s really at: great food, great company, and great ambience! We can’t help you with your food or company, but we know a little something about ambience. Keep reading for some top-of-the-line picnic spots. With the cherry blossoms blooming, flowers budding, and weather warming up, it’s time to plan the ultimate dreamy picnic. Find a green area, drop a pin, and send it to the gang.

1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY 
First up, we have the Snug Harbor! This is NYC’s best kept secret- assuming because it’s in Staten Island. But this farm, garden, learning center, and park is well worth the trek! During your picnic, be sure to check out the awesome 19th century architecture from afar!

4900 Independence Ave, Bronx, NY 
Wave Hill is only a secret because it’s in the Bronx, but girl, is this worth the trip. Overlooking the Hudson River with the Palisades in the great beyond, this secret garden has 28 acres of land for you to plop down your picnic. This place is so beautiful, it may trigger an “am I really in New York?” response. 

    255 West 43rd Street. New York. N. Y.10036.
    Did you know Randall’s Island had 6 gardens?!?! Planning a meal and hanging with the gang surrounded by flowers, softball fields, and skyline views: what else can you ask for?

    W 59th street and 7th ave
    Any picnic is dreamy if it’s next to a castle, right? From flowers, shrubs, and herbs all around you, a view of the Belvedere Castle, to Shakespeare's poetry surrounding the landscape, the Shakespeare garden is a dreamland of its own. 

     Union Ave &, N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
    Ahhhh, McCaren Park. Conveniently, this plot of greenery is next to a farmers market on Saturdays. So you can grab all the ingredients for your charcuterie board on the way to your picnic. Also, dog friends of Brooklyn meet up here every day, so get ready to witness some epic puppy playtime.

    890 Route 601, Skillman, New Jersey 08558
    Ready for this not-so-secret secret? This is also an alpaca farm! Get some cute animal therapy after your lovely lavender field picnic! And if you find yourself wondering, “why would anyone ever go to New Jersey?” This place is why!