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Why hide something when you know you’re good at it? We are proud to say we
have mastered this season's signature looks, and are more than pumped to bring our latest compilation of fall designs to all of you. We won’t sugar coat it: we have something for absolutely everyone, and their mama, too.

NYC Inspired Manis
Mani for: @sweatwithbec
Artist: Claudia (@_tagliente_)

Who says neons have to fade away when summer does? We wanted to keep this trend going, and pay tribute to our stomping grounds: good ole’ NYC. We combo’d our mixed media designs, bright colors and relaxicab (cough, Friends) details to make the perfect transitional mani...because, what kind of New Yorkers would we be if we didn’t proudly have our city plastered in bold for all to see?

Animal Print Manis
                Mani On Left For: Charlotte Palermino                   
Artist On Left: Claudia (@_tagliente_)   
     Artist On Right: Tshering (@dolker.designs)
Animal prints are back, baby (and if you didn’t read that in Goldfinger’s voice, go
back a try again). We could not let this trend die with the leaves, so we pulled in
some more subtle design concepts. Mixing neons and patterns is a fool-proof way to make the perfect mani for the peak of autumn. But just incase bright colors are not your speed, we have our classic prints in black and white, too. Purrrfect to match all your fall ‘fits this season.

Spooky Swirl Manis
Mani for: Kristin Pulaski (@kristinpulaski)
Artist: Sonam (@nails.bysh)

This midnight mani is perfect for your jam-packed Halloween weekend. The interstellar and celestial elements of this design embrace the moody, eerie vibe that come with the spookiest night of the year. But as the clock strikes twelve and November looms, the chic black and white hues will keep you on trend until you can schedule your next appointment at PB.

Latte Inspired Manis
Mani for: Batsheva Haart (@batshevahaart)
artist: Sonam  (@nails.bysh)

When most people think November, two things come to mind: browns and turkey-day. This caramel, geo-shaped mani is perfect for the holiday season. It takes the warm browns of the final stretch of fall, and beautifully curves and edges them in simple yet fierce ways. So pass the mashed potatoes and show off your nails. This one is sure to spark jealous glares from that cousin that just always seems to have it all.

Splattered and Foiled French Manis

Our splattered French with a gold foil rim is the perfect mani to sport at the beach, pumpkin patch or Thanksgiving din. Pops of color hold onto summer, but the gold accents bring us right into Scorpio season…talk about fierce and bold. This mani is timeless, and for good reason. You can book an appointment with us, or head over to our insta page to see how our artist Claudia (@_tagliente_) worked her magic for this classic.

The Wild Wild West Nail Wraps
Launching November 1st

Peep our upcoming nail wraps! We’re usually a wine-all-year type of crew, but this season especially, wine seems to be on the menu. And just like drinking a good glass of red, having your nails ready to roll this fall should be care free and
put you at ease. So keep any eye out for our upcoming November nail wrap
collection – full of deep wine hues, paisley
patterns and of course…animal print. Just apply, file and throw on your leather
joggers before heading out the door.