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When it comes to nail art, mixed media nails are more than trending. It’s the perfect way to blend your mood, status, vibe, favorite brands and the latest fashion trends- all into one intricately detailed mani. No one nail has to look like the other, but they all perfectly blend into an overarching theme or tone. There is quite literally nothing off limits. So, you can come into our shop with a screenshot of that super abstract design you saw on Instagram or Pinterest and we will come up with the perfect design for each nail that truly represents your individual style. With this trend, your vision is our goal. And we promise to make it happen.

Mixed media manis really opens doors for everyone to have more fun with personal expression and what better way to fully show up for yourself than by choosing your ten favorite things ATM and putting them into one cohesive mani? If you are feeling geometric shapes, dark hues and abstract designs, we are able to play around with that and make it all happen. If you want contrasting colors with bold designs alternating throughout, we can do that, too. The mixed media manicure really shed the restrains on what nail art is supposed to be and gave us a chance to incorporate imagination.

Our founder, Kristin Pulaski shares that, “we will sometimes end up replicating an exact look from another creator and, of course, credit the artist,” but with the new trend on the rise, “a lot of the time we end up mixing in our own colors and even mixing up looks from a few different manis or patterns from fashion attire. We truly pull inspiration from everywhere.” Now, instead of asking: “can we try to do some of these?” Our response is – let’s do them all (please note that time must be booked in advance in custom manicures - please email us your inspiration prior to your appointment at so we can quote a proper time and price for your mani).

More really is more with this trend, and that’s talking colors, designs, and details. As mixed media manis spiked, we were getting asked to add smiley faces, animal print, hearts and rainbow stripes – all in one sitting. Some of the designs started giving us a real 90s-Y2K-Millenial vibe, and that was just on someone’s left hand. Designs are no longer limited to just one color scheme or pattern, but instead encompass everything you’re feeling or needing.

As influencers from NYC, LA and Miami started coming into our shop for their mixed media summer nails, it was not surprising to see our clients come in with social media inspired nail art. Often with a “theme” in mind, the social media designs are based around one or two emojis and the rest of the nail art balances the colors with shapes and abstract patterns.

As we dive deeper into summer, we are starting to see unique designs come to life even more. Pinks, yellows and oranges are big, especially in the summer months. Kristin let us in on the big secret when asking for the perfect mixed media mani, “ask for bright, fun summer colors and just top it off with some emoji art or cute summer fruit.” From there, you can always add in some swirls, shapes or blocked off designs to give the nail dimension.

Is it obvious? We love this new trend big time. Mostly because we love seeing our customers unique visions come to life. Our nail artists at PB put their heart and soul into each design, knowing the final product is your personal slice of artwork too. Each detail is truly hand crafted and our team will take the time to select the perfect color palette and nail art to achieve your desired look (again just make sure to email us your ideas in advance). Whether you choose top your mani with a Nike symbol, a cloud, a triple color tip, a flower, or a mix of them all – our nail artists love pulling it all together. The process is addicting and unique, which makes us crave the next mixed media inspo you guys create.

(To book your custom, mixed media mani - please email our team at with reference images and requested date/time. All pricing is custom and based on time. Click here to book any other appointment).

By Catherine Johnson