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To Our Babes, With Lots of Love:

The most romantic time of year warrants a love letter to those of you who have been hopelessly devoted to PB. You are all we ever think about. Constantly on our minds, running through our thoughts like the L train at rush hour. All we want to do is impress you and make you feel special. You deserve our best and we promise, we will never fall short. You are everything. We’d be nothing without you.

Now lets dive head first into our latest love-filled collection:
Love Sick

Romance is not dead, and it certainly ain’t basic. We are committed to making each of our designs versatile and unique, so no matter who you are, who you’re with – or where you’re heading on VDay, there is the perfect mani for you. Get ready for our most swoon worthy manis yet, featuring dainty hearts and chic patterns. Look out sweets, cupid’s arrow is aiming right at you.

Check and (soul)mate. Soulmates are real and they can be so much than the cookie cutter, happily ever after storyline that Hollywood sells us. So, whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s with the crew or a romantic evening with your beau, we’ve got you covered. Hell, this mani could even be your soul mate – it’s that perfect. We’re not playing games when we say this is the ultimate mani for the most love-filled day of the year. Rosey-hued glitter and a white checkered pattern, daintily scattered with mini hearts.. our hearts will not go on. You can’t make them.

We know Danny Zuko is the OG heartthrob – the leather, the flow, the diamond blue eyes. BUT.. we’re not so sure we like how he played our girl Sandy. Cue the bolder and sweeter heartthrob, the one who won’t play, and will stay. It doesn't get better than this crush worthy design. With latte swirls on a clean white backdrop, made even cuter with perfectly minimal heart accents, we wouldn't be shocked if this became a go-to way past February 14th.

Baby it’s you, you’re the one I want…the one I need. B wrote this about Z, but we prefer to think that if she saw this mani, she’d have a whole new dedication. Falling for this mani is easy. Yes, yes, usually V-day means pink and red.. but, a gorgeous baby blue base, contrasted with an on-trend tan that’s highlighted with white lines and a perfect heart on top… did someone say love at first sight?