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Fall is a major seasonal shift and it’s healthy to grow and change with each autumn leaf. We owe it you guys to bring our 'A' game with each new collection and this time was no exception as we done brought it! Without further ado, we are proud to bring you one of our favorite collabs yet: The Harvest Moon Collection, inspired and created by the uber talented Jessica Levitz.

Jess is one of us. Not only is she an O.G. Paintbucket girl, she has shined over the years with her uncanny eye for unique design. Jess has climbed the ladder working with top notch tech companies and retail start-ups in the San Francisco area leading her to take the reins in a cutting-edge collaboration with dear friend, Do-Hee Kim. Since opening their studio, Shoppe Theory they have worked tirelessly and passionately to help make PB thrive. It’s safe to say that they are a huge reason Paintbucket is what it is today.

Think about how real change to typical fall nail art would look. It was obvious from the start that Jess was perfect for the project. Always one to work on brand identity designs on a larger scale, she gravitated towards tackling this exciting new challenge. Levitz shared her love for how “nails can be a mini canvas for expressing yourself”. It was this mini aspect that was not only the challenge, but the motivation to create new and unique designs in nail lengths and shapes.

Dive into the new collection - you’ll find some of the subtler and sophisticated elements of fall. It’s not your typical pumpkins, bright orange and leaves. Instead, these nails wraps embody the larger themes and moods that come with the seasonal shift. Jess embraces the night-time vibe and “that spooky, exciting feeling of staying out past dark”. Think deeper hues, stars and moons…swoon.

What we love most about this collection is the approach behind it. As a designer, Jess brings a new perspective to creating the wraps and “using negative space as a major element allowing for an intriguing play between natural nail color and the wrap - an “undercoat color”. The wraps offer a chance to play with different ideas, the ability to make each mani more unique than the last. Jess wanted to make these wraps pop without erasing the comforting and familiar elements of Halloween and fall. The classic Halloween colors are there. It’s the unique twist to this that makes the difference.


The Interstellar Glow  a fan favorite here at PB, and there’s no question why. This design takes Halloween but makes it moodier and broodier. Jess used a dark grey tone that has a spooky, smoky night-sky feeling. Layer this on top of a more creamy-toned orange than your typical Halloween-associated orange color. Top it off with sophisticated and groovy curves in the design to make each nail its own custom piece of artwork. All of which are perfect for that Halloween party or late fall event.

The New Moon Wrap is the perfect yin-yang balance. With the split-frame, down-the-middle design, it lends itself to the feelings we all associate with Halloween - suspense and the unexpected. By using classic black and white to play off each other, this design keeps things festive, yet classy. No matter where you end up on the 31st, you are more than set.

The Celestial Eclipse is the perfect combo of Interstellar and New Moon. Combine the creamy orange tone with black and white, then add a two-tone cut in the middle. This mani keeps things modern and tasteful and is one of our go-to for working ladies who want to keep their colors subtle but their designs on theme for the season. 

Jess is an absolute natural and keeps things fresh and clean. Keep an eye out for our upcoming thoughtfully crafted November Harvest Moon collection, we know you’ll love how you look.