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Our founder Kristin is due soon and her magical Peter Rabbit themed baby shower was everything a boy-mom-to-be could dream of. Each detail and moment was thoughtfully crafted to make this celebration one of pure love and beauty. It was a way to honor not only our glowing mama-to-be, but some local small businesses that truly made this event come to life. With close friends and family buzzing about Greenpoint’s gorgeous Milk and Roses’ garden, our first Paintbucket Prince was welcomed so warmly and with such adoration already.

From the moment guests opened the handcrafted seal of their Inquisited
 invitation, the tone was set. The embossed script, delicately printed on pale-blue recycled paper, was nothing short of intentional. Kristin wanted a true garden-vibe and with that, came a lot of eco-friendly and considerate choices. Instead of bringing the traditional Hallmark card, guests were asked to bring a meaningful book with a thoughtful note inside. To add to the ambiance, baby clothes and onesies were hung from clothing lines, interspersed throughout the vines and branches of the natural garden.

As guests entered the garden, they were greeted with mimosas, champagne and a live-violin melody, soothingly playing in the background. The soundtrack, curated by one of New York’s finest, James Teal, was mixed with classical favorites, disco tunes, pop jams, and hip-hop remixes – to warmly embrace all guests and set the mood for a perfect afternoon. 

Mingling throughout the garden, the guest of honor donned a beautiful hand-made dress by Fanm Mon. This black-owned business takes hand-crafted to the next level by mixing the femininity of embroidered fabric and vibrant color to give each of their customers a sense of self and individuality…all of this while remaining environmentally conscious. Our fierce leader could not resist this piece – and can you blame her?

Guests were able to seamlessly find their seats along family-style tables, which were decorated with personalized, calligraphy place cards and tasteful menus …also created by the talented Inquisted. Lace tablecloths from Amazon, adorned with Brooklyn’s own @luloandly_floralstudio centerpieces, created an intimate charm throughout the garden as guests sat down for their brunch.

Paired with each setting, were DIY dried floral bouquets, inspired by Ode A La Rose
and hand selected in Flatiron’s flower district. Abra Flora, one of the most popular store fronts on West 28th, between 6th and 7th, was the jackpot-spot for these self-made favors. Once picked, each bouquet was bundled in tissue paper and delicately tied together with yarn and a custom thank you note from Kristin herself. Alongside these thoughtful take-homes were PB’s al fresco nail wrap bundle, from our new Faire la Fete Collection – perfect for the debut of baby boy. And for the next baby shower or summer event you head off to.

Following the most delectable brunch spread, guests were served an array of desserts. Lining the vintage trays were the most delightful sweets: Peter Rabbit sugar cookies from Peace of Cake, floral cupcakes, shimmery blue donuts, and the awe-inspiring cakesicles from Sweet Flour Pastry. Not only were these treats a simple way to serve all guests, but each one flawlessly pulled together the garden-dream theme.

The beautiful cakesicles delivered by Sweet Flour Pastry, though unbelievably delicious, were almost too pretty to just eat and forget. So, using our Après gel extensions as a base, our very own Sonam ( replicated this piece of art for Kristin’s mani. With white tips accented by soft blue marble swirls, topped with dried flowers and specks of gold foil, not a single element of the day went to waste. The dreamiest day was preserved in one of the most mesmerizing manis that would last for weeks to come. A constant and gentle reminder of the love and joy that is already surrounding baby-boy and mommy-to-be.



By Catherine Johnson