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Après ski – the classiest way to say you’re hitting the bar after hitting the slopes. And when you spent your entire day on the mountain, it’s no surprise that you’d want to strip off your super chic ski gear and take a long soak in the lodge’s hottub with with a Hot Toddy. It’s self-care in the purest form, a day of work followed by a night of recharge.

For those of you who can’t always flee to the mountains or just plain don’t do skiing, we have a suggestion for you. Forget about Après ski, and schedule in some ‘look après me’ time. Don your cutest winter gear, head down to our salon to soak your nails and worries away with a crisp glass of Champagne. This time of year is the best time to nurture and soothe your nails, and our Après gel extensions are a perfect way to not only boost your nails’ length and strength, but give you’re hands the perfect canvas for some gnarly winter designs.

All Gold Everything

A perfect speckled gold to go from NYE to work, post-comatose. Whether you were laying on your couch this year or celebrating with a small crew, the minimalistic meets trendy design works for anytime this winter. Since we added some length, it lets us add more layers on some nails and just a thicker tip on others. The extensions give the nail far more length for us to play with design, so try this exact mani in the shop, or change up the colors to fit your style. Either way, the look is a perfect mix of bold and delicate, especially with après extensions.

Winter French

We are all for the natural nail look, but sometimes our nails just can’t withstand the cold, dry air. The thick French tip is a crowd-pleaser, no matter the season, so adding some length with the extensions gives the look an even and noticeable pop that you likely can’t achieve with your natural nail this time of year. Not only that, but the extensions give your nails a breather and help them grow by protecting them from the harsh winter elements.

These are two of our favorites for the subtlety in their design. Both channel the classic French but add their own flare, or flake to make it a tad more wintery. Oh, and since they’re so timeless, they tend pair well with a diamond. Follow our insta @paintbucketnails to check our feels.

Wintery Mix Blues

This wintery mani paired with the Darcie Blue Pyjama Top @nadinemerabi makes us feel a bit too much like mother nature, but that’s okay. We are powerful. We are fierce. We are… unpredictable sometimes, just like her. This mani reminds us of the perfect winter day, blue skies and snow flurries falling – even if the clouds are grey and everything is covered in slush. So remember to keep your nails fresh, even if the snow fall isn’t and sleigh girl. Because…well, we’re running out of puns.

Blue Swirl Dreams

Blue swirl dreams. Yes, this look is ten times dreamier on our après gel extensions, but we can cut and shape perfectly for your preference. These are your diva nails after all. Who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid mid-Jan? This marbled blue French brings some color to the dead of winter without overdoing it. And what we love most of all is how this design works with the almond shape or square, so try out your favorite at the shop.

Lady In Red

I don’t think you understand just how obsessed we are with this simple yet fierce red French. Our girl @batshevahaart came in for this set for Christmas but we think it’s the perfect transitional mani for V-day. It’s minimalistic but noticeable and is sure to get glances from everyone around you. The perfect mani for Galentine’s day with the girls or date night on the town (or couch) with your boo. Try with this candy-apple red, or a subtler red and pink mix. You have the vision; we have the way. So stick with us, and we’ll stickwitu forever, doll.

We’d love to see you stop in soon, but we know these times are still crazy. In the dead of winter, it’s important to take care of your nails and your health, so if you’d rather stay at home and still need that perfect Valentine’s day mani, check out our last nail wrap collection, Love Sick.

Written By: Catherine Johnson