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Breaking hearts, not nails is our mantra when it comes to our very first press-on collection with Batsheva Haart. Paintbucket founder, Kristin Pulaski sat with the My Unorthodox Life's "it-girl" to get to know a little bit more about her love for nails and what inspires her everyday. 

Kristin: When did you first start to really get into DIY nail care, specifically press on nails?

Batsheva: I started doing press ons during the pandemic because I always liked having my nails done. And that's when nail art really started to become more popular but I realized that if I was doing my own nails, I couldn't really get that perfect look.  I started looking online and I ordered press ons from a bunch of different brands and I started to change my nails constantly, I loved it. I realized that I could finally have long nails that wouldn't break, I could easily change them all the time and instead of paying a lot at a salon and sitting there for two or three hours, I could do it at home in my bed watching TV.. it was just easy and so affordable.

Kristin: When I reached out to you from Paintbucket, how did you feel about changing it up and going to a salon to get extensions done professionally versus doing your own DIY nail extensions at home?

Batsheva: I felt like at that point, I had already been doing press ons on my own for about a year and I felt like I had gone through all the brands and all the styles. I was so excited when you reached out because I was like okay, now I can pick my own designs, and come up with whatever I want instead of just looking at what is available online. After trying so many press on brands, there were also a few things I didn't love so I was really excited to be able to get my nails done professionally and be involved in the design process.

Kristin: Since you tried so many different press on brands and then started to come to Paintbucket and get your nails professionally done.. for example, you're using apres extensions, picking the designs you like, going with the colors you love.. after being able to choose all of that, what would you say were the top three things you started to be more particular about when it came to your nails?

Batsheva: Something that was really important to me was the shape of the nail tips because the ones that I had been using from other brands had this a curved down, pointy look at the tip that would get bent out of shape easily and it just didn't look as natural as the apres gel extensions from PB. That was the main thing for me. And I think beyond that, I was really picky about choosing the designs and the colors.

Kristin: Okay! So as you and I decided to do this partnership, what were the key things you wanted to pull in from your personal style?

Batsheva: The most important thing to me was making sure the collection was versatile enough for everyone. When I think through the collection, it was really made with a wide range of styles in mind. First, we have The Heartbreaker Mani, which is your solid pink - an every day, go-to color that anyone would want to wear. Second, you have The Espresso Martini Mani which is a little bit more fun and out there.. it's actually inspired by the first look we ever did together IRL at PB. Our third look, The Diamond Mani was inspired by the French tip - it's a little bit more elevated but you can wear it day and night.  And then we wanted something that was really fun but was also on par with the autumn color trends, which brought us to a really pretty mauve swirl mani - Mauving Out.
Kristin: If you could sum up in a few words, how a fresh mani makes you feel, what would you say?

Batsheva: I think that nails is something that is just for every woman. Nails are the only piece of beauty that you do for yourself because your makeup, your hair - yeah, you can see yourself in a mirror or in a picture but your nails are the only thing that you personally see with your own eyes. They're in front of you all day. It's just something that is purely for you.

Kristin: Let's get into the fun stuff - "single" Bathsheva. If you were going out on a date and had to pick any look from the collection to wear, what would it be? And then, if you had to pick a solid color, what would it be?
Batsheva: From the collection, I would go with Espresso Martini because I've found that my dates always comment on my nails so I would want to go out with something that stands out. When I have a design on my nails, it's an easy conversation starter. If I had to pick a solid color, I'd go with a dark navy.

Kristin: Aside from your love life, when you start to think about your career, what do you see coming over the next few months that you're really excited about?
Batsheva: I think what I'm really excited about is just discovering and learning more about making products because that's what I want to eventually evolve into - having my own line of things so I'm so grateful for this partnership because I get to learn about my purchase power and marketing and distribution and all these really important things that go into business. So I'm just excited to see where this goes and hopefully we'll develop more collections together in the future.