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When creating our most recent press-on collection with Kelly Strack we kept coming back to the phrase: "little glam goes a long way". Paintbucket founder, Kristin Pulaski sat with the YouTube beauty it girl to get to know a little bit more about her love for nails, what inspired her for this collection and how she stays so fabulous, all the time!

Kristin: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into starting your own Youtube channel. What inspired you to start focusing on makeup tutorials and reviews

Kelly: I've always had a passion for makeup and all things beauty which led me to starting my YouTube channel while in college back in 2013. Back then the term "influencer" didn't really exist yet so I had no clue it would eventually become my job but I just wanted to share my love of makeup with the world.

I always had an interest in makeup which I think started at a very young age because I danced so I always had to wear stage makeup for recitals and performances. My mom doesn't wear makeup and I am an only child so I didn't have anyone to help me learn. While in college I discovered the very early YouTube beauty community and utilized tutorials on there to self teach myself how to do makeup. I eventually started my own channel to share my own tips/tricks I learned along the way and the rest is history! 

Kristin: When you first started out, was it hard to build a following? Did you ever doubt yourself and feel that people were judging you? What did you do to build your own confidence and find your community of loyal subscribers?

Kelly: Yes it was super hard! Making YouTube videos wasn't normal back then so I didn’t even tell anyone besides very close friends and family that I was making videos at the time! My love for beauty and makeup really is what kept me going and creating content!  

Kristin: What is the thing you are most proud of when it comes to your career as a creator? Have you had a moment where you were just like, "wow I’m really proud of myself?"

Kelly: I was never someone to focus on numbers or subscriber count but I am quickly approaching 1 million subscribers (about 5,000 away at time of writing this) and that's truly so mind blowing to me that 1,000,000 people out there have seen my content and connected with it in some way. I am really proud of that. 

Kristin: When did you first start getting into nail care/ DIY nails? What kinds of nail services do you like to do for yourself at home or do you prefer to go to the salon?

Kelly: I always LOVED to have my nails done, it was like my “thing” for as long as I can remember. I always had the long crazy unique nails. Pre-pandemic I always got them done in a salon but once 2020 came and the salons were closed I couldn't be without my nails so I taught myself how to do them at home.

I started with acrylic and polygel and eventually started doing Aprés Gel X. After doing that for about a year I got more into press ons because they took so much less time to do but looked just as nice. That is my preferred method right now and works great with my hectic schedule. 

Kristin: You love beauty products and testing different things out- do you feel that same curiosity for nail products/has developing your own line with us impacted how you look at nail products now? 

Kelly: Yes , absolutely! I have gotten so much more into nails since I started to do them myself and developed this collection! 

Kristin: What do you look for when it comes to nail art/nail shapes? 

Kelly: I love nails that are sleek and stylish looking while still having that unique flare. My go to shapes are coffin and almond with pink and some type of glitter or metallic! 

Kristin: What are key things from your personal style that you wanted to make sure came through in this collection? 

Kelly: Fun and girly! 

Kristin: If you had to describe this collection to someone in three words what would they be?

Kelly: Girly, Glam, Wearable 

Kristin: We’re obsessed with your Youtube and the positive energy that shines through in your videos- which look from your collection do you feel represents that fun Kelly energy the most? 

Kelly: Definitely the pink french with the pearls, that's my fav! 

Kristin: What was your favorite part about the collection creation process? 

Kelly: I loved getting to see my ideas come to life once we got the samples in! It was so fun to come up with the different designs and bring them from paper into a physical product!