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Broad Strokes

A monthly membership that brings your nail game to a whole new level.

Discounts • VIP access • savings & more

We know what it takes to live in this city.
So we’re giving our best to the women who do.

Membership Perks Include

Discounted manicures & pedicures
Free nail art during your birthday month
Access to appointments up to 3 weeks in advance
VIP admission to Paintbucket events
A complimentary toolkit (pusher, nipper, clipper)
A members only keyring for discounts with our local partners
Skip our daily waitlist with priority booking
10% off all add-on services
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  1. Choose the membership level that suits you the best

  2. Sign up at our shop or online

  3. Grab your Broad Strokes keyring and toolkit when you visit us for your first member appointment

  4. Flash your keyring at any of our local partners and receive savings galore

  5. Enjoy all of the perks of being a Broad Strokes member!

Broadly Speaking, You Look Like A Woman Who Likes to Save $$

Flash your keyring-icon Broad Strokes keyring at any of our neighborhood partners and save a ton.

  • files/membership-logo-bar_3x_f76d4a6e-9978-4ee4-a11a-11cc0b4614d2.png

    10% off

    Become a regular at a different kind of bar and save 10% on all classes at Bar Method Williamsburg. Your wallet (and abs) will thank you.

  • files/membership-logo-leif_3x_28078d6c-8713-4006-8142-6f5ce301962f.png

    10% off

    If home is where the heart is, consider Leif essential for your cardiac health. Save 10% on homegoods like pillows, planters, candles and other stuff that’s guaranteed to spark joy.

  • files/membership-logo-slt_3x_2d068ada-4579-4658-9349-0f1eb7d541ed.png

    15% off

    Combining cardio, strength training and Pilates, working out at SLT is tough–but then again so are you. Get your first class for free and enjoy 15% off five and ten-pack classes after that.

  • files/membership-logo-homecoming_3x_20b41d7f-ea8c-4dc4-9093-7356e4b29fa3.png

    10% off

    Homecoming is making life in the city more beautiful, one Brooklynite at a time. Save 10% on their floral services, quirky home goods, do-it-yourself workshops and more.

  • files/membership-logo-brightside_3x_d2284f3a-860e-43d8-8cc9-ca65d7e5b08b.png

    10% off

    Brightside is our favorite Australian export since the Hemsworth brothers. Say “good morning” and actually mean it when you save 10% on all Brightside coffee products.

  • files/logo-freehold_2x_568bd976-bb46-41ad-a119-7be19c9efaf3.png

    10% off

    Coffee, cocktails and yes, corn hole. Freehold has the best of Brooklyn in one place. Save 10% on food, drinks, and private events (+ skip the line anytime).

  • files/membership-logo-bar_3x_f76d4a6e-9978-4ee4-a11a-11cc0b4614d2.png

    15% off

    Bikini waxes will never be fun, but Shobha gets pretty damn close. Get 15% off threading, waxing and laser hair removal, all administered by gentle technicians in a sparkling clean and comfy space.

  • files/logo-robpeetoom_2x_3f3ccae3-400f-47c6-b49b-439698543ad0.png

    10% off

    Trust your bobs, lobs and layers to the stylists at Rob Peetoom. Save 10% on cuts, colors and other services inspired by you—not trends.

  • files/logo-cleanbeauty-wordmark_2x_9820f033-f967-46c5-8afa-435fd1f3c7de.png

    10% off

    Clean Beauty Quyen doesn’t just believe in eating her greens—she’ll put them on your face. Save 10% on her all-natural, plant-based skin services for a Goop-approved glow.

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    The Painter
    $65 / Month


    2 basic manis

    1 basic pedi per month

    The Sculptor
    $100 / Month


    2 basic manis + gel

    1 basic pedi per month

    *free gel removals

    Mandatory Restrictions - Commitment: Members must sign up for a 3 month minimum. Use: Memberships are non-transferable and can only be used by the member. Membership fees cannot be returned or used for other services. Cancellation: Memberships must be cancelled 30 days in advance of the next billing cycle by emailing, memberships cannot be cancelled until after the 3 month minimum.