The Membership

Get the most bang for your buck with the Paintbucket monthly membership. We offer two membership options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Plus if you sign up within your first month of visiting Paintbucket, you’ll get your very own toolkit (on us)!

The Basic

(Save $25+ every month)

4 basic manicures
2 basic pedicures
unlimited touch-ups
& express services

The Luxe

(Save $50+ every month)

4 signature or gel manicures
2 signature or gel pedicures
unlimited touch-ups
& express services

*Memberships can be cancelled at any time.
*Membership services are non transferable and can only be used by the member.

paintbucket membership toolkit

The Toolkit

High standards ≠ high maintenance.

We’re dedicated to providing an obsessively clean, healthy and safe environment. If you share our obsession, invest in a personal toolkit for only $35. We’ll hang onto it, and it’s yours and yours alone. Sometimes it’s nice not having to share.

Toolkit includes: 1 Set of Nippers, 1 Nail Clipper, 1 Cuticle Pusher, Room for Polish.

*All implements are sanitized, disinfected and sterilized in our autoclave and stored safely after each visit. Toolkits can be purchased in-store only.

C’mon. Your nails aren’t going to paint themselves.