The Lookbook

Forget the Met, we like our art right where we can see it. Browse our seasonal looks, customizable with your choice of colors in classic polish or gel.

Ice, Ice BB

Our Winter Collection will have you asking…am I more of a Kerrigan or a Harding? Embrace your inner ice princess with our limited edition, skater-inspired manis.

*Prices listed are in addition to your base service of choice.

Know Your Angles

Geometry. Way cuter on your nails.

So Stone RN

Kidding, mom. It’s just my marble mani.

Moon Child

It’s your galaxy babe. We’re just living in it.

New School French

Paint me like one of your French girls (but cooler).

Blank Space

Leaving it blank. Not just for the SATs anymore.

Opposites Attract

Does this go with this? Not really. But it works.

Ready to treat yourself? Let’s get a date in the books.