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Hey, Babe.

Don’t you think it’s time your nail salon got a makeover? That’s where we come in. We’re Paintbucket, a modern nail shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

But we’re more than just manicures. We’re in the business of recognizing our clients’ achievements and rewarding them with the simple act of feeling good.


Your salon should be as cool as you are

Picture this: A comfortable-yet-curated space. A #girlcrushworthy staff.

Free. Prosecco. 🥂 And tons of polish & nail art options because we were never really into the whole

“less is more” thing.

Paintbucket Nail Salon Pedicure Area
Paintbucket Nails Salon Interior Wall
You live on your phone

Same. So we made it easy to book appointments and choose your nail technician from anywhere with service.

High Standards ≠ High Maintenance

We’re dedicated to providing an obsessively clean and safe environment. If you share our obsession, we have personal toolkits available for purchase. Sometimes it’s nice not having to share.

Every Girl Needs Her Gang

And we want to meet yours. Bring your girlfriends to Paintbucket, or meet some new ones while you’re here. Think of us as a social club for the 21st century, but with less corsets. Unless you’re not in the mood to socialize. We get it. Quiet time is important too.

Paintbucket Salon Founder Kristin Pulaski

Meet Kristin

She’s always believed that the best accessory is a perfectly polished pair of hands (and toes, naturally). But the salon experience in NYC was never quite what she needed. After working long hours at her desk everyday, Kristin’s idea of indulging wasn’t sitting under harsh lights while breathing in harsher fumes. And she didn’t want to blow her hard-earned paycheck at one of those fancy places either.

So she left her career in advertising for something a little bigger and a lot more personal: a self-owned and operated nail shop that caters to clients just like her. Enter Paintbucket, a place for working women who spend their 9-5 girl-bossing their way through a man’s world.


204 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
paintbucket storefront
Open Mon 12pm – 8pm
Tues-Sat 10am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 8pm